Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Study

Recruitment Closed

Non-Invasive Infrared Light Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

If you are age 50 years or older and have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), you may be eligible to participate in a study investigating the effects of a photobiomodulation device for moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease.

The purpose of this study is to compare the active Neuro RX Gamma device (interventional device) to the sham device. This comparison will help to determine how the interventional device can assist in the management of cognitive and behavioral symptoms of moderate to severe AD.

The non-invasive device delivers near infrared light (NIR), a form of light therapy, also called photobiomodulation (PBM). The NIR light is delivered by comfortably placing a headset with LEDs on the head, a small LED in one of the nostrils. The light therapy session lasts 20 minutes.

Compensation is available for both participants and their caregivers.

What the study will include:

  • Screening visit: to determine eligibility, the Severe Impairment Battery (SIB) and mini-mental state examination (MMSE) will be done
  • Baseline visit: assessments and study group assignment
  • Treatment Phase: home-based 20-minute treatment sessions, 6 times per week for 24 weeks
  • Assessments and follow up visits: at weeks 12 and 24


You may qualify as a study participant if:

  • You have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD)
  • You are age 50 or older
  • If you are receiving Alzheimer’s disease/psychotropic medication, you must be on a stable dosage for 12 weeks prior to enrolling in the trial with no changes anticipated for the duration of the trial


The study requires you to participate in-person at the Centre for Neurology Studies at HealthTech Connex, located in City Centre 1 (Address: 13737 96th Avenue, Unit 204 in Surrey, BC).

Site Principal Investigator (Study Doctor):


Dr. George Medvedev, MD, FRCPC Neurology

Division of Neurology Head, Fraser Health Authority 

For more information, please contact Gabriela Pawlowski at 604-786-0889 or [email protected].

The recruitment is closed for this study.
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