Clinical Trials Site

The CNS is a private site for clinical trials in medical devices, pharmaceuticals (phase III/IV), natural health products, and other novel therapeutics related to brain health. 

Site Capabilities

Operational & Technical

Space & Resources

  • Multiple treatment/exam rooms  
  • 2 therapy gyms (400 & 600 sqft) 
  • Medical equipment for standard physical exams 
  • Private meeting rooms for screening and consent visits 
  • Dedicated monitoring room for in-person visits, audits, and inspections 
  • Secured storage room with controlled access for investigational products and confidential files; temperature monitoring available 
  • Pharmacy on site (downstairs) 
  • LifeLabs on site (across the street): ECG, blood and urine samples 
  • Access to Imaging: MEG, MRI, fMRI, EEG 
  • Participant rest area  
  • Lockers and kitchen for longer visits 

Equipment & Accessments