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The Centre for Neurology Studies (CNS) is one of the few private clinical research centres in Canada. Specializing in neuroscience, we integrate scientific evidence and real-world clinical practices in a unique ecosystem.

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Carrick, F. R., Pagnacco, G., Azzolino, S. F., Hunfalvay, M., Oggero, E., Frizzell, T., Smith, C. J., Pawlowski, G., Campbell, N., Fickling, S. D., Lakhani, B., & D’Arcy, R. (2021). Brain Vital Signs in Elite Ice Hockey: Towards Characterizing Objective and Specific Neurophysiological Reference Values for Concussion Management. Frontiers in neuroscience15, 670563.

Fickling, S. D., Smith, A. M., Stuart, M. J., Dodick, D. W., Farrell, K., Pender, S. C., & D’Arcy, R. C. (2021). Subconcussive brain vital signs changes predict head-impact exposure in ice hockey players. Brain Communications3(2), fcab019.


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Fickling , S.D., Smith, A.M., Pawlowski , G., Ghosh Hajra , S., Liu , C.C., Farrell, K., Jorgensen, J., Song, X., Stuart, M.J., D’Arcy, R.C.N. (2019). Brain vital signs detect concussion-related neurophysiological impairment in ice-hockey. Brain, 142(2), 255-262. Editor’s Choice.

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